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...and now 1/72 Carthage!

Hello everyone,

After collecting some miniatures for different games and scales, my latest project is to build a Carthage Army of 1/72 models. One of my friends have a big 1/72 collection of Romans and he had some Carthaginian extra models. I bought some other miniatures and adding his extras, it should put a nice start for my army. We think of using Hail Caesar rules. 

No haste in this. I also have some other things to paints. But I'm really excited about this Carthage project.

The miniatures I bought are the Carthaginian Infantry box from Zvezda. It turned out a wonderful set with lots of models with very living poses. Here is the review and contents of the box.

After buying some more models, this is the army list I want to field;
- 4 units of Carthaginian Spearmen, heavy infantry, phalanx
- 2 units of Iberian-Allied Infantry, medium infantry
- 2 units of African Javelinmen, small, light infantry
- 2 units of Numidian Cavalry, small, light cavalry
- 1 unit of Elephants, elephant

I will use the long-speared, heavy armored infantry from the box set to form the core of phalanx units. I may also put some lightly armored troops to the rear ranks. The light armored swordsmen and spearmen shall form the Iberian-Allied units. My friend's models have a lot of javelinmen so here they are. I will need to buy some Numidian cavalry and elephants for which Zvezda also have perfect box sets.

And some history for those who are new to Punic Wars between Rome and Carthage;

Carthage and Rome were two great world powers during 500-200 BC. After a long time of peace and mutual trade, these two states finally came into conflict in 264 BC. The reason was to decide who would rule over Sicily; Rome, the greatest power of Italy with its powerful land forces, or Carthage, master sailors of Mediterranean with their large fleet.

The First Punic War ended with Rome victorious. Romans had adopted a new naval battle method, boarding enemy ships with their small bridges named "corvus". Roman soldiers who passed to Carthaginian ships easily captured them. Rome was now in control of Sicily.

Famous Hannical Barca then marched on to Rome, crossing Spain and Alps in Second Punic War. He was victorious at Cannae against Roman legions but afterwards, Rome refused to meet him in a field battle. Unable to feed his army, he was forced to retreat. Romans also spread the war to Spain and Africa and Carthage once more accepted peace, surrendering her lands save North Africa.

Rome at last destroyed Carthage to the ground in the decisive Third Punic War.

So that's all for now about my Carthage project. As for my collection, here it is.

Fully Painted:
Big collection of 15mm WW2 Soviets (Flames of War)
Some more Germans and Italians also for FoW
Napoleonic 10mm British (mainly play Black Powder)
World War I 10mm British (for Trial by Fire)
Some 28mm Haqqislam models for Infinity

28mm Vikings and Celts for Kings of War (using Orc rules)

Damaged / Incomplete
Warhammer 40K Dark Eldar (became toys for my wife's niece)

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