14 Nisan 2016 Perşembe

First Carthagenian Unit

As stated earlier, I have slowly started to build a Carthage army with 1/72 miniatures.

First unit is complete, well the bases are not done yet becasue I have still not decided on them. Nevertheless, here's a unit of Libyan Spearmen, a heavy infantry phalanx unit. These guys will shape the core of the army.

I will most probably field them in Hail Ceasar with these statlines;

Libyan Spearmen - Heavy Infantry - Phalanx
Clash 7, Sustained 7, Short Range 3/0, Long Range 0, Morale Save 4+, Stamina 6

So they will be standard heavy infantry with a phalanx rule, nothing more. They do not have any shooting but they can still support other units with 3 attacks. Maybe for certain scenarios where they represent some elite units of Hannibal Barca, they may have the Drilled or Elite rules but not for any casual game.

Hope you like them...

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